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Nikki McCord is running for city council

I came to Boulder nine years ago after earning my master’s degree and lobbying for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality under former Governor Jennifer Granholm. I landed here by chance, but immediately knew Boulder was the community for me. I bought a home, started a business, joined a church, and began serving my community - then on the board of the Community Action Programs of Boulder County, and now as a commissioner on the Boulder Housing Partners board and a member of the Boulder Chamber’s Community Affairs Council. My business, McCord Consulting Group, provides board of director governance, diversity, and recruitment services to for- and non-profit boards, and leads diversity and inclusion initiatives for organizations. I want to bring my experience and common sense approach to city council to bring people together, get things done, and ensure marginalized communities are at the forefront of my decisions - not left behind.Read More About Nikki

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my policies

I practice compassionate competence. This means that I have empathy for people who are marginalized and I have a proven track record of changing lives. Below you’ll find my two policy positions. Although there are many issues Boulderites care about, these two issues are most pressing to me and I will work tirelessly to solve them. While your particular issue may not be addressed below, know I have an open mind and can weigh all sides when exploring solutions to build community through consensus.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Improving the infrastructure of the city includes everything from affordable housing, roads, bike/pedestrian paths, and sewers. We need consensus on clearly defined prioritization for improving our infrastructure. Affordable housing is my priority and I will create 256 units of affordable housing per year by 2035. This will meet City Council’s 2019 goal of 15% affordable housing. Affordable housing will be achieved through creative options such as affordable homeownership and rentals, co-ops, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), and other ingenious solutions. I will pursue policy changes that will create more opportunities for aging individuals and remove barriers to establish affordable housing. I believe it is council’s job to advocate for innovative solutions to reach the affordable housing goal they have set.

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A Safe Environment for All

There are people who are still marginalized based on race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and age, among others. To ensure marginalized communities feel safe and heard is to have more people of color in decision making positions. As a city council member, every vote I make will be through a social justice lens built from my own experience and input from marginalized communities. It is important for all of us to feel safe in our city and for our elected officials to make decisions that do no further harm. In an effort to build consensus and make progress, my goal is to work with my colleagues to craft proposals that benefit the entire community and not just those who are civically engaged.