Conoce a Nikki

I grew up in Dallas (yes, I can smoke a mean brisket). I graduated with a political science degree from the University of Notre Dame, and earned a master’s in public policy from Michigan State University.

After my time in school, I became a lobbyist for the Michigan legislature - first working for Fortune 500 companies, and eventually for the Department of Environmental Quality. Working on both sides of the aisle, I developed a unique set of skills that allowed me to champion bills for both the environmental and business communities.

My experience working with policy makers and business people eventually led me to start my own business - McCord Consulting Group. As a results-oriented, pragmatic person, I love the challenge of solving problems around strategy, governance, and inclusion. Guiding others to achieve goals and shape policy in an increasingly complex political environment is my passion.

As a black woman business owner, I have a unique perspective about the opportunities and challenges to starting and maintaining a business in Boulder. This town is well on its way to being an open and welcoming place for other minority business owners, and I’ll work hard to continue that legacy.

I believe in giving back to this incredible community, and am a commissioner on the Boulder Housing Partners board, as well as a member of the Boulder Chamber’s Community Affairs Council.

When not working, I love to exercise and read. I even started a garden this year (although I won’t be opening my own CSA). I work hard to be a conscientious consumer, too, sewing my own clothes and making or fixing things when I can. I attend St. John’s Episcopal Church because it reminds me of my Southern roots and strengthens my faith.

I believe in working hard to see issues from both sides, making sure everyone feels good about the outcome, and that their concerns were heard. The values of leadership and service are mutually beneficial, and as a leader, you have a duty to serve the people you represent. I’m running for city council because I want to compassionately build up our community by working together. Let’s do this.

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