Local Elections Are Important

Who’s going to fix that pothole? Who shovels the public paths for biking, walking, and driving? Who makes sure your contractor is using current standards when you hire her to remodel your home? Who gave you that parking ticket when brunch downtown went longer than you anticipated?

The answer? Your city government! You get a voice in how these decisions are prioritized when you vote in your local elections.

An odd year election - those elections where you’re not electing the President or state-wide representatives - is YOUR opportunity to voice your wants and vision for the community in which you live. Unfortunately, odd year elections have lower turnout than Presidential or state-wide elections. However, this means your vote in an odd year election at the local level can have an even bigger impact! Elected officials who know you are a voter are likely to be more responsive to your wants and vision.

For the 2019 election, start understanding the issues and process now. Check your voter registration. Is it up to date? Talk to your neighbors and friends about how you’d like your community to be shaped and vote for candidates who share your vision. Invite a new voter to participate in the voting process with you. Local elections are important because they are responsive to the citizenry in a more direct way. Understand what issues will be on the ballot, take time to read up on the candidates, and most importantly, Vote! Your community is ready to hear from you!

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