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From the Editorial Advisory Board: Superior affordable housing

Superior is one of two towns in Boulder County with zero affordable housing units. Town officials are asking whether that’s a problem and, if it is, how to solve it. Your take?

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Six-seat Boulder City Council race to include 15 candidates on ballot

As of of the August 26 printing, McCord’s campaign had received $3,140 and spent $25.

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Nikki McCord wants Boulder to get comfortable with change

Nikki McCord wants Boulder to get comfortable with change

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Boulder Housing Partners board roiled by attempt to oust leaders over alleged racism, misogyny

Alleging racism and misogyny, a member of the Boulder Housing Partners board of commissioners unsuccessfully attempted to remove the chair and vice chair of the board from their roles.

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KGNU Interview

There are 15 candidates seeking election to Boulder City Council in 2019. In this forum, moderated by Roz Brown, we hear from Bob Yates, Nikki McCord and Paul Cure.

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Boulder City Council: Nikki McCord - Boulder Daily Camera

Daily Camera City Council Candidate Profile

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Nikki McCord running for Boulder City Council

Nikki McCord on Wednesday announced to the Camera she is running for one of the six Boulder City Council seats up for grabs in the Nov. 5 election.

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Daily Camera Guest Opinion

My ancestors would spin in their graves if I ever freely gave up my labor to participate in a system that robbed them of theirs.

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2019 Boulder Council Candidate - Nikki McCord

Channel 8 Candidate Video

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McCord: Standing by Her Pillars

Welcome to my Boulder Election 2019 page! Just click on the links below to read candidate profiles and other posts about the local election. Just a hint, readers might find it useful to at least skim the first post, “Election 2019: So, Where Do We Go From Here?” to better understand the questions I asked every City Council candidate, since the questions will only show up as several bold-faced words within the profiles.

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League of Women Voters Council Candidate Forum 10-12-19

Boulder City Council Candidate Forum

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Nikki With Boulder’s Campaign is People Powered. Organizational endorsements have not been solicited by the campaign.

Joanna dance nikon 59

Joanna Rotkin - Independent Dance Artist working in Boulder

I'm supporting Nikki McCord because of her commitment to listening to and understanding how communities, especially marginalized ones, will be directly impacted by any policy decision the council is considering, before deciding on how she will vote for it.

As well, I'm supporting Nikki McCord because of her ability to engage with honesty, integrity, and imagination in conversations and situations that are heated, complex, and nuanced.


Bob Kanick - 25-year Boulder resident, parent

"I’m voting for Nikki because she understands how good government works. She knows that city council should be about solutions and compromise and not positions and inaction.”

Ericaellis square

Erica Ellis - outdoor enthusiast, homeowner, tech employee

I’m voting for Nikki because she’ll put marginalized communities at the forefront of city council decisions. This includes expanding affordable housing, while making it work for our city and its residents. As cost of living goes up, we need to ensure that we’re providing a safe and welcoming community for everyone in Boulder. I believe Nikki will fight to do just that.

Braden collum tffaigbbets unsplash

Alison Peters

I’m supporting Nikki because she is willing to tackle the tough issues with clarity, compassion, and collaboration.

Braden collum tffaigbbets unsplash

Cathy Gauch - Director, Aircat Aerial Arts

I’m voting for Nikki because she cares about the issues that I care about, affordable housing and a safe environment. She is smart, articulate, and has the experience to get the job done!

Good photo janet 002

Janet Heimer

I am supporting Nikki McCord for Boulder City Council because she is smart, passionate, strong and will bring a different voice to City Council.

Braden collum tffaigbbets unsplash

Jean Gore

I simply wish to endorse Nikki.

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Brett Banfe

Nikki has not only the vision, but the strategic planning to build a more inclusive and representative Boulder.